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Based in South Florida, Hopeless Romantics Entertainment specializes in interactive themed entertainment for Corporate, Private, and Special Events, as well as Faires and Festivals throughout the United States.

With a unique blend of comedy, high energy, experience, and amazing costumes, Our "Romantics" know what it takes to create lasting memories for you, and your guests.

With the most talented profesionals in our ranks we offer a wide range of characters, themes, and shows for your event.

Not sure what you want? Our experienced Entertainment Directors can even help plan your event and can create a show, or character for your entertainment needs.

Contact us now, lets make history together!

Contact Information:
Larry Rabin, Director of Operations
Email Larry

Here Are Some Of Our More Popular Themes

  • Need a King and Queen to host your event complete with Guards, Lords and Ladies?

  • What about Armored Knights riding in on horseback to fight for the love of a woman, or simply to thrill the crowd!

  • Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! shooting off guns and cannons....at each other of course!

  • The Hopeless Romantics Comedy Show features Guido Libido, our resident rogue and master story teller. This Interactive Comedy Show involves the audience to portray some of history's most tragic couples. Learn to be Romeo, the lover of all lovers. Or Juliet, fair Juliet, sought after by all the men of Verona...Alllllll the men!

  • Staged fights with cutlasses, rapiers, broad swords, axes, maces and small children…..whatevers handy in a scrap! Our actor combatants are trained in a wide range of weaponary and fight styles complete with a scenario that suites the theme.

  • Period Minstrels and Muscians, playing anything from the harp to the bagpipes. Singing songs and telling bawdy tales.

  • Interactive characters, for pictures and crowd entertainment. From Pirate to Prince, and everything in between we can accomadate any theme, even the less traditional ones our team look and act the part.

  • Interactive Comedy Shows, were the audience plays a part in telling the story. This 30min interactive show involves the whole audience, so if the show sucks it’s their fault too!

  • The Big Guns, Black power muskets and cannons, to get everyone’s attention….. EVERYONE!

  • Team Building, exercises that are fun, and involve your team with our characters in activities like a scavenger hunt, business Jeopardy, and the apprentice..

  • Wenches, to serve the food and drink at your party, and maybe even sing a song or two. Don’t worry, our fine ladies now how to handle themselves.

  • Private Parties, for our smaller clients we have many themes for them to enjoy. Pirates can help them design their own Pirate flag, Faeries can lead them on a treasure hunt, The King and Queen can make them Knights of the realm, or Princess for a day. Or even Knights to teach them about chivalry. These are just some of the activities they seem to favor.

  • Jugglers and Acrobats, to juggle and tumble complete with balancing acts, stilt walking in a variety of costumes to match our other themes.

  • Middle Eastern Belly Dancers, to enthrall the Sheik in all of us. Our Dancers can perform solo or as a group, they can even teach your guests how to shake their money makers!

  • Living history demonstrations, Characters in historical costumes can come to your school or event and give an educational presentation through demonstration on how life really was in any of a number of periods and countries.
    From Knights in armor fighting full contact, unchoreographed combat displaying their martial prowess! To archers with bows and arrows showing how the tournament was won.

  • Combat Chess Matches, were fighters take up positions on a field of chess and fight for every precious square with all manner of weapons. The Black side vs The White side, who will win? The audience supports their side's champions with cheers, and chants; Whether you cheer for the HERO! (Huzzah!) or The BAD GUY! (Boo-Hiss) everyone gets excited over this spectacular show.

  • Need something less violent, there is also the Challenge Chess Match, were the audience plays the chess pieces, and the rules of chess are much more....flexible. Everytime a move caller commands their piece to capture another it is settled through silly challenges, like sing a song, tell a joke, and the infamous chicken dance of doom! This interactive show is fun for all ages


The Hopeless Romantics Comedy Show
Pirates & Swashbucklers
Knights In Armor


Faires We Have Appeared At:
Florida Rennaisance Festival - Camelot Days - Central Florida Pirate Fair
Intra-Coastal Pirate Festival - Boynton Beach Medieval Faire - Italian Renniasance Festival - Florida Keys Medieval Faire
Bay Area Rennaisance Festival - Great Lakes Medieval Faire - Tennessee Rennaisance Festival - Alabama Rennaisance Faire
Redland Rennaisance Festival - Kyngs Company Rennaisance Festival