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Knights In Armor were the shining example of Chivalry in the middle ages. Our fully Armored Knights come ready to do battle, resplendent in their Surcoats bearing their respective heraldry.

As professional stage combatants our performers can thrill your guests with anything from two Knights doing battle over the hand of a maiden, to all at war with a dozen or more warriors in a clash of steel, and feats of bravery.


It's time to pick a side....................


The Hero’s clad in Red and White!
Representing Order, Justice,
and all that is good in the world.

They can stand vigilant watching over the King & Queen.

Protecting the innocent, and dispensing justice where needed.



The Bad Guys draped in
Black and Yellow!

Who lust for power, and wealth, doing whatever it takes to win…….at any cost!

They ride in on horseback crushing all that stand in their way, fighting with swords, shields, axes, and maces for the sheer spectacle of it all!


Our Knights are also knowledgeable in Medieval history and can give a living history demonstration, complete with full contact, unchoreographed combat displaying their martial prowess! Everyone walks away with an appreciation of what it took be a Medieval Knight.

Need something bigger? Our Live Combat Chess Matches, where fighters take up positions on a field of chess and fight for every precious square with all manner of weapons, and characters.

The Black side vs The White side, who will win?
The audience supports their side's champions with cheers and chants; Whether you cheer for the HERO! (Huzzah!) or The BAD GUY! (Boo-Hiss) everyone gets into the excitement over this spectacular show.

These are a small example of what we have to offer, contact us and let's make history together!

Contact Information:
Larry Rabin, Director of Operations
Email Larry


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