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Pirates were the scourge of the 7 seas, plundering and pillaging everywhere they went! Drinking, fighting, gambling , wenching, and singing bawdy songs were their favorite pastimes.

Who can blame them, it sounds like fun! Our Pirates are a bit more clean, but just as fun! From the whole crew, to just a couple of lads Hopeless Romantics Entertainment can provide whatever you need for your event. Private Parties, Corporate events, and Pirate Festivals.

Here are some of our more popular themes:

Swashbuckling sword fights with cutlasses, rapiers, and small children…..whatevers handy in a scrap! Complete with a scenario to suite your needs.

Pirate Muscians, singing traditional Pirate songs, and telling bawdy tales.

Interactive characters, for pictures and crowd entertainment. From the richest Pirate Captain in his long coat and tall hat, to the lowly bilge rat, our lads and lasses look and act the part.

Loose Cannons, Our Pirate comedy show, an interactive show were the audience plays a part in telling a Pirate tale. This 30min interactive show involves the whole audience, so if the show sucks it’s their fault too!

The Big Guns, Black power muskets and cannons, to get everyone’s attention….. EVERYONE!

Team Building, exercise’s leading each team on a treasure hunt. This is very popular for Corporate events.

Wenches, to serve the food and drink at your party, and maybe even sing a song or two. Don’t worry, our fine ladies now how to handle themselves

Private Parties, for the wee Pirates we help them design their own Pirate flag, lead them on a treasure hunt, teach them the Pirate alphabet; Aye, Rrrrrrrr, Ohhhhh, and bigger Ohhhhh! All the things a junior Pirate needs to know. These are just some of the activities our smaller clients seem to favor.

We can customize any activity for your event, contact us right away.

Prepare to be boarded!

Contact Information:
Larry Rabin, Director of Operations
Email Larry

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