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The Renaissance was the age of enlightenment, it was a time of monarchs, art, and exploration.

Let our King and Queen play host to your event, who would refuse a Royal invitation?! Complete with their own court of Lords and Ladies all dressed in the richest garb to accompany them.

To protect our Royal Majesties we have a compliment of Royal Guards with polearms to keep out the peasants.

Though, the peasants do make good Serving Wenches to serve the food and drink and maybe even sing a song or two.

Period Minstrels and Muscians, playing anything from the harp to the bagpipes. Singing songs and telling bawdy tales.

Should one of our Gentlemen of the Court feel his honor has been called into question, a duel with rapiers and daggers might ensue, cheer your favorite to victory!

Our resident rogue and master story teller, Guido Libido tells love stories through out the ages, but the way they REALLY happened! Because in the books they got it all wrong!

Period games like Nine Men's Morris, and Chess, some of man's oldest strategy games. make excellent living history demonstrations for educational programs for your school, or special event.

Combat Chess Matches, were fighters take up positions on a field of chess and fight for every precious square with all manner of weapons. The Black side vs The White side, who will win? The audience supports their side's champions with cheers, and chants; Whether you cheer for the HERO! (Huzzah!) or The BAD GUY! (Boo-Hiss) everyone gets excited over this spectacular show.


Need something less violent, there is also the Challenge Chess Match, were the audience plays the chess pieces, and the rules of chess are much more....flexible. Everytime a move caller commands their piece to capture another it is settled through silly challenges, like sing a song, tell a joke, and the infamous chicken dance of doom! This interactive show is fun for all ages

Contact us now, lets make history together!

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